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Lessons in the Alexander Technique can help us to improve our posture, reduce pain, reduce and control stress and gain a natural and relaxed confidence.

The Alexander Technique enables us to re-discover our natural poise through awareness and prevention of habits which may unknowingly be causing us harm or difficulty. Whilst used by actors and musicians for many years, in August 2008 the British Medical Journal published significant scientific research providing the efficacy of the Alexander Technique for patients with chronic back pain.

The technique teaches you to be more aware of the position of your body in order to correct bad posture and to encourage you to move more efficiently. This can help rid the body of excess tension which can in turn relieve pain such as in the back, neck and shoulders. Many of the long term pains in our bodies are as a result of misusing the body of a long period of time, for example; sitting or standing with your weight unevenly distributed, positioning your head incorrectly or moving inefficiently.

The aim of the Alexander Technique is to “unlearn” these bad habits and replace them with good ones. Doing exercises which help to align the spine and neck is thought to improve breathing and co-ordination as well as your balance.

Sessions at the clinic last 40 minutes and we suggest you wear loose fitting clothes, preferably trousers. The teacher will initially observe your movements and then will use gentle non-invasive techniques to guide you through the correct movements. Usually work is done standing, sitting, and lying down on the plinth. The objective is to encourage your head, neck and spine to work together correctly.

Alexander Technique is suitable for all ages and is used extensively by musicians and sports people but is equally useful to everyone. You don’t have to be in pain to use the technique. You can learn it simply to help improve your wellbeing and posture which can help avoid future problems.

Alexander Technique £35 per session

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